Darlington charity warns cuts will impact on the most vulnerable

Darlington charity warns cuts will impact on the most vulnerable

A CHARITY boss is warning the future of their service, which helps otherwise housebound people, is under threat because of proposed council cuts.

Vivienne Bailey, chief executive of Darlington District Youth & Community Association (DDYCA), said withdrawing the grant for the town’s Ring a Ride service would harm the most vulnerable in society.

However, Darlington Borough Council has promised to work with its regular users to provide alternative plans, if the proposed cuts are made.

Senior councillors in Darlington will discuss the first round of proposed cuts at a special cabinet meeting on Wednesday, July 28.

The council must cut £22m from its £107m controllable budget within four financial years and £11m in the first year.

The first proposals include removing funding for the Ring a Ride service, which has 36 regular and 97 occasional users.

It will save £6,000 this year and £25,000 in each of the three years thereafter.

The proposals, which have been tabled to the cabinet group, admitted it could have a significant impact on its users and could lead to redundancies at DDYCA.

Ms Bailey has written to Jenny Chapman, Darlington MP, in a bid to save the service, and is planning to also write to senior councillors and council management.

Source: http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/local/darlington/8295141.Charity_warns_against_withdrawing_funding_to_vital_service/

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