Cuts bite and more are to come

Cuts bite and more are to come

SCHOOL transport, concessionary fares and travel schemes will be among the first council cuts to be made in Darlington.

Twenty redundancies will be made and 13 vacant posts will remain unfilled as Darlington Borough Council draws up its plans to cut £22m from its annual budget.

Senior officers and councillors have revealed the first phase of savings, but warned they are just the tip of the iceberg and worse are in store by the autumn.

The council must cut £22m from its £107m controllable budget by 2013. In the first year, those savings will be £11m.

They include £355,000 cuts from schools services such as transport (£25,000), after-school clubs (£100,000), concessionary transport (£25,000) and ethnic minorities and traveller children education (£30,000).

Savings of £235,000 will be made from transport schemes for the elderly and disabled including Shopmobility (£4,000), Ring-a-Ride (£6,000) and two concessionary schemes for bus pass holders and taxi vouchers (£225,000).

Other proposed reductions feature CCTV coverage (£15,000), school patrols (£15,000) crossing and transport schemes (£10,000).

Jobs will be lost in the children’s services contact point, park rangers, planning office, some middle managers and the press office. The Town Crier magazine will be published less regularly.


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